Tic Toc Maroc: Back In The Game

Boumalne Dades to Ait Ben Haddou | October 24 | 141 Miles | With more than 12 hours sleep, I started out feeling pretty good today, happily. Although had I been paying attention to the provided guidebook I would have realized that this morning’s ride was another loop ride, up into another nearby canyon and back to the hotel for lunch. I could have slept … Continue reading Tic Toc Maroc: Back In The Game

Tic-Toc Maroc: Chewed Up, Spit Out

Erfoud to Boumalne Dades | October 23 | 172 Miles | Bruised and back on the bike, today was one of the more relaxing days on tour…well, sort of… With only a “few” miles to ride, a scenic side trip, enjoyable (hilarious!) shopping experiences and a “helpful” bike swap… although the collective pain was mounting. Unlike any other day following a tour’s rest day, I was … Continue reading Tic-Toc Maroc: Chewed Up, Spit Out

Tic-Toc Maroc: Rest Day My Ass

Erfoud Rest Day | October 22 | Going in Circles So much for a rest day! That was a friggin workout… and in the end, cost me more than I’d spend on the entire trip so far (for food and fuel). With a handful of optional activities planned for the group, hanging around the hotel —although very beautiful— didn’t compare to the plan to ride camel … Continue reading Tic-Toc Maroc: Rest Day My Ass

Tic-Toc Maroc: On Becoming Royals

Chefchaouen to Fez | October 20 | 135 miles Today was yet another amazing, and often shocking cross section of life in Morocco. It’s really only our second ride day and already there have been countless times that Chris rolls up next to me with his arms out and his head shaking in back and forth… unspoken but fully understood, “can you believe this place?!?!?” … Continue reading Tic-Toc Maroc: On Becoming Royals

Tic-Toc Maroc: Aduanas To Blue

Malaga, Spain to Chefchaouen | October 19 | 175 miles While not much can be shown of the border crossing itself, columns can be written on the processes and failures of efficiency… nothing unusual for a border crossing with a motorcycle really. Thankfully, given a few hours of patience and experienced guides, we slink through, all while waiting under a high tin roof to relive of … Continue reading Tic-Toc Maroc: Aduanas To Blue

Tic-Toc Maroc: Arrivé

For the next two weeks, I’ll be circumnavigating the country of Morocco with Edelweiss Bike Tours for upcoming stories in both Motorcyclist Magazine and HOG. This travelog was written during the ride, but thanks to many technical difficulties (to both this human and his machines) they’ll be posting after the ride. Please enjoy none-the-less.   Typically, each guided tour I join begins with a welcome … Continue reading Tic-Toc Maroc: Arrivé

Tic-Toc Maroc: Bonne Route

Half way to my next adventure, I’m both writing about the model year 2016 Yamahas as well as reading guidebooks for my next destination. Traveling this time to Morocco, a throwback in time, if not at a minimum, an entirely new world of religion and understanding for me. Not only will this be my first visit to the African continent, but also my first true endeavor … Continue reading Tic-Toc Maroc: Bonne Route

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With each trip I take, comes a planning stage that includes a scrapbooking effort gathered together online. Often beginning with the program or outfit  with whom I might be traveling, then the visual cacophony that gets me excited to see each individual place. Route planning follows, then shopping and meals… After each tour, whenever it might be posted online, any links to the content I’ve produced … Continue reading Follow Along on Pinterest