Wandering Route 6

Pass through any restaurant or transportation center in, or near the state of Pennsylvania and you’ll find  brochures for every type of tourist attraction imaginable: adventure parks, amusement parks, historical landmarks to wacky and wonderful private collections of stuff… American’s do that best I think. One brochure in particular is unique… as it’s for a road instead of a singular place, a route, Route 6 in … Continue reading Wandering Route 6

Traveling Massive

If you didn’t know where to go next, or were looking for specials on the place you know you want to see, the Travel and Adventure Show is in LA this weekend and it’s a must see. https://travelshows.com You had me at “travel” but when combined with the word “adventure”, I couldn’t say no. However, adventure in this market is very different from that on two … Continue reading Traveling Massive