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Is There Any Future Left?

I get the invitation, from a mate I know from the two-wheel world I swim in, and he doesn’t say much more than to show up… nor did he need to. Hot Wheels was introducing a new die-cast today, for their RoboRacer replica, and I’m in… but what’s a RoboRacer?

For the uninitiated—myself included—its an autonomous, electric car, one that they race against time and eventually other like vehicles. Like no other kind of car… its the future of racing, or perhaps the future of bench racers around the world… for those not willing–or able-bodied enough–to drive a high-performance machine to these levels. But I digress… I’m gettin WAY ahead of myself here. Out over my skis as they say, and it’s 70 degrees out here today, and we’re having tacos in the parking lot of Mattel Toy’s auto design division… it’s motorhead heaven and a collector’s dreamscape and time to slow down… relax Fonz, breathe.