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Traveling Massive

If you didn’t know where to go next, or were looking for specials on the place you know you want to see, the Travel and Adventure Show is in LA this weekend and it’s a must see.
You had me at “travel” but when combined with the word “adventure”, I couldn’t say no. However, adventure in this market is very different from that on two wheels: think African safari instead of Backcountry Discovery Routes. Although even before I got inside, I met with a friend of Jim Hyde wearing his RawHyde Adventures hoodie. But this is a travel show, highlighting destinations, not exactly journeys like you normally see here on MotoInsider. But every adventure has to start somewhere and this one started with Travel Massive
Thanks to the global community of travel industry insiders, leaders, and innovators collected online at, I was invited to check out the show, meet the people and specifically to see Kelley Ferro’s presentation at the Savvy Traveler stage. Sure, if you’re into the mainstream thing, you can also meet up with Phil Keoghan, Samatha Brown, and Rick Steves at these shows. Major inspiration if you don’t already have the bug! The Points Guy was there too if you’re into saving money… and who isn’t?!
Kelley dipped into her 10-year career as a travel expert and video producer to highlight her top 10 list of places to see now… before they go bad, expire, or change all together. Bright and beautiful, she walked the audience around the globe with photos and stories of travel with her husband as well as her family over the years, plus a lot into a few of her forthcoming “family” destinations. Including the “immersive travel” idea, which for me, feels “normal” after following the circus for a few years, but it’s catching on! Go, stay a month. Live like a local and enjoy the place as much as the locals do, for more an a weekend. It’s different, and amazing! 
With hundreds of booths spread across the Los Angeles Convention Center’s Kentia Hall, representing numerous local California counties like Calaveras and Inyo, to individual destinations like Big Bear and Lodi, the show doesn’t stop there. Vendors from all around the globe were on hand to welcome you to their own slice of heaven… to every imaginable place. Asia was very well represented, especially thanks to the most current winter Olympic events, and each row of the hall represented regions, states, or continents. India to Indonesia, Montana to Machu Picchu, Korea to Kingstown, I must have carried 50 pounds of promotional materials out of there (hooray for the BMW K1300GT saddlebags getting it all home!).
Among Ferro’s suggested destinations were a few we’ve seen here already on two wheels, like Japan (for the beauty), China (for the history), Egypt, Machu Picchu (Peru) and Mexico… even her home state of Vermont. But it was he suggestion of Croatia that really got me thinking. Last time I was there, my arm was in a cast from a get-off at the Alt-Rider Tased of Dakar rally. It’s time to go back! 
With that in mind, I met up with Igor from Trueta Travel and worked up a plan to see where it is that Italians go when the American’s go to see Italy. While they don’t yet offer motorcycling tours, they do already offer bicycling tours, and have a motorcycle rental agency nearby. Stay tuned for more information of touring with the Fonz. 
I looked hard for Scotland or the UK, to see where I hope to tour this summer on a whiskey tasting tour, only finding a booth raffling off a trip to Ireland…. and a fellow motojournalist Gary Mraz on his way to the Nepal. It’s a worldly gathering to say the least.
And then there were a few travel products on display too. GoSleep, is a new upright in-fight sleeping system. Together with a neck pillow, the plush eye mask has straps for holding in into your hadn’t and another pair for holding your head back against the seat… like a seatbelt for your head in a way.
The Stuffa–the leader in wearable luggage, presumably because there isn’t any competition—is a line of jackets and vests to combat the carryon luggage problem. Think Scott-e vest, with room for clothing too… and half price at the show. 
Lonely Planet was there offering 50% of every book, including the new line of themed stuff. Hello new books!
And if that wasn’t enough to get you digging for the passport, there were camel rides, cultural presentations and dances, a scuba diving pool INSIDE the convention center, and a place where you can get your passport photos taken for free thanks to Hilton Hotels & Resorts and their #PassportProject.
With that, you’ve got one more day to see the show in Los Angeles, then it’s off to Philadelphia, Denver and Dallas. Watch the website for next year’s dates, but never stop traveling!
I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to promote my first and only travel book! I guess I’ll be back there tomorrow to hand out cards for my magazine as well… see you there! And thanks again to TravelMassive for the connection to the show!