Tic-Toc Maroc: Scraping Around Spain

Ronda Loop to Malaga Finish | October 31 | 163 Miles |

Today began with more choices, options to make a loop ride though the country back again to Ronda over famous Andalusian roadways or to stay in town and poke around until the rest of the group returns.


It’s only about 90 miles between Ronda and Malaga but we turn into an all day affair, even with a skipping of lunch.

The morning ride climbs high into the hills, though white villages, national parks, cork farms and pass more than a few bulls in the pasture where Andreas got to test his newly honed toreador skills.

Morocco31-2049Regrouping in Ronda again, and a little photo walk across the bridge and back, we saddle up en masse and head for Malaga. Making spaghetti of straight lines, we keep it together all the way to the end where we lose one rider in a roundabout. Riding sweep, I knew the last place we’d seen him and so we rode that and back again at a snails pace with an eye in the canyon for the missing rider. Eventually we gave up, leaving voicemails for him on his local phone and crossing fingers, and ultimately finding him at the host hotel… we just followed signs to malaga when he missed Morocco31-2230a turn, not the route. Happily he was ok, but we lost time and filled that with worry… we made it so far together… we can’t lose someone in the last 60 k!!!

Tonight at dinner we say good bye… many leave at 5am for the airport, a few of us in the afternoon, I booked later so that I had time to pack it all together and get some rest before the effort of flight.. thankful I did.  What a great tour… that was fun, if not a challenge!