Tic-Toc Maroc: I Don’t Wanna Go

Bin El Ouidane to Meknes | October 28 | 202 Miles |

Well, it was hard to leave paradise, but we tried to drag it out as long as we could with a poolside ride briefing and some dragging of the feet. The weather wasn’t quite right for a morning dip in the pool but we all took note of this place for future visits to Morocco. We’re told this is a stop another Edelweiss tour, one with more regal accommodation every night. I kinda prefer the more authentic experience we’re getting, although a resort like this makes me think otherwise when I’m there.


The ride back off the mountain put us riding along more of those bumpy roads, but at least we get to see the scenery this time. Well me, the others saw last night’s road while the sun was setting, I did not.     This is where Rayna got off the bikes (from her pile position) and took a ride in the support van with Teddy. They had time to bond, sing some songs and take it easy while she allowed for her uneasy stomach to heal.


Lunch today was the most unique… one for it was the most I’d eaten in a few days, second for the experience of the place. While seated a block from the neighborhood market, our curbside tables aligned for a good view of the poulty shop across the street. With a dozen people ordering the chicken tajine, and mixed skewres platter, local commerce went to work weighing, “preparing” and selling the freshest chickens on the street… ones that were alive when they went in that building… not when they came out a few minutes later. That’s fresh! Farm to table at it’s best!   Vegetarians shouldn’t even listen right now. In the end, the food looked fantastic, Instagram-worthy even!

Morocco28-0706From there the schedule was to see a waterfall but given removed and replaced roads, we had no choice to ride a few miles off road, and off route before finally giving up on the attempt. Once the guide had to scout ahead, standing on the pegs of his Sporty and still coming back without a clear path ahead, we just made the b-line for Meknes…

Arriving again after dark, but with a complete crew and with a terrific lead in, we wind out way into the middle of Meknes and park between fortress walls…. I can’t tell if we’re inside or outside of the medina.

Tonight’s hotel is a short walk away from where we left the bikes… deep into the tight streets, wide enough for maybe a pair of passing scooters, but mainly a walking space. The door outside this place says nothing of the beauty contained within its walls… something quite normal for Morocco as we are learning… time to explore with a walkabout!



A midnight walk around the souk, which packs up completely is nothing more than pot heads and bread dealers. Not much going on around here, better to stay in the room.. or on the roof, this one is amazing! A full moon helps, wow!

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