Tic-Toc Maroc: Choking The American Dream

Marrakesh to Bin El Ouidane | October 27 | 327 Miles |

Today had to be the worse day of them all… I mean, awesome because I’m still on tour in a foreign country and doing just fine, but sometimes when you want something so much, hurdles grow up between you and the goal. And that was surely the journey today.


Surprisingly, for what is the first Edelweiss tour of Morocco on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, in association with Authorized Harley Tours, the loop didn’t include a stop at a dealership. Sure, there’s only ONE in the whole of Morocco, but doesn’t that make it even more necessary?!

Morocco27-0332Personally I can go either way, but I fully understand the wants of the customers here and a few of them had planned to take their Marrakesh rest day and make the freeway jaunt to Casablanca and back to snag a t-shirt and be back on board with the regular route the next day. One problem, the rest day fell on a Monday, a day the dealership was closed. So with the help of our guide, a few phone calls and emails, and a change of plans, the group (almost entirely) elected to sidebar the next day’s ride with a few hundred extra kilometers en masse.

Funny then, not so funny now…. 🙂

Funny at the time, not so funny now. :)So with the mission to add a run up the toll way and back, before journeying to tonights hotel for t-shirts, we set off! Little did we know about the rain (apparently as rare as rain in Los Angeles), the dearth of shirts and trinkets at the shop (they have absolutely NOTHING besides a few shirts with the word Casablanca written on it – failed opportunity there!), the lunch tab failure (they either suck at math or hope that the tourists don’t notice them adding 3-8 USD to each person’s bill) and the late arrival over a terrible road.   Every step forward was met with opposition or disaster, that’s when I see a need to step back and try less, but on a group thing, that just doesn’t happen. C’est la vie!


Too many things made today miserable unfortunately, and my failure to see a turn, or the failure of the tail end rider to watch for the sweep, put me riding the wrong direction through the next city and over the bumpy mountain pass in the dark. Eventually I arrived, and even without the aid of cell service, I was able to easily find it, I got there only 30 mins later than the group… and then had to climb the hill to the hotel because I didn’t know about the golf carts.

This was the last I'd see of the group today... had to stop and get this picture... oops.
This was the last I’d see of the group today… had to stop and get this picture… oops.

Look this one up, Waidane Resort… this place could easily host a BMW press launch its so luxurious… it’s a shame we’ll be here for about 12 hours, 12 days would be better! We’re told its used as a stop on something called a royal tour with Edelweiss…. I want on that ride next time!

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