Tic-Toc Maroc: The Shopping Bug

Marrakesh Rest Day | October 26 | 0 Miles |

Mid-day report… Despite my hatred for the way they prefer to do buiness in Morocco, I’ve managed to spend too much money on things to bring home, ouch!

Our tour guide has become our shopping guide... spend NO MORE than 10 dirhams on these Fonzie!
Our tour guide has become our shopping guide… spend NO MORE than 10 dirhams on these Fonzie!

Our tour guides arranged with a local man names Ahmed to give us a walking to this morning, complete with a shuttle bus pick up at the hotel, a little voiceover history lesson on Morocco and guidance to and through the medina. Starting with the Palais Bahia, history precedes shopping. Then it’s into the labyrinth… at a brisk pace, we collectively slinky our way through the market photographing everything possible along the way, and getting yelled at for doing so… shooting from the hip for the rest of the day, my eyes see far more than I can ever capture. One might swear they’re walking through the set of Game of Thrones at times… especially when the markets move away from the fluorescent lite clothing markets, through the olive and bread lanes and into the meat markets. The one that got away… still makes me mad. I stood there looking at a sheep’s head, severed and hanging from a chain, yet balanced and dripping with blood, hung from each horn was the lung that once lived inside this beast… no photo, just a memory…


A stop at the bustling medicinal oil store, through the throngs of worldly tourists and hangers about, we sat for an hour’s rest inside an air conditioned room listening to the healing abilities of many herbs and oils produced in Morocco… everyone took the fistful cumin to ease the stomach and cashed out with bags of gifts for people back home. Beth and I took the bruise oil to help alleviate the ATV damages we both took home from Erfoud… science!

Morocco26-1339Our second, and surely most expensive stop was at one of the many carpet places… I don’t know how Ahmed chose this one, but we were quickly whisked into a room to have a seat and a show… they really DO lay everything out for you one at a time, building up styles, build locations and price…. hundreds to thousands of dollars each with easy shipping with DHL… they’ve got a strong pitch in place and sell most of us on something!


A well-deserved lunch was at the most US-styled place possible… technically very Euro.  An Italian joint with pizza, yes please… no more tajines!  From there we were on our own to get back to the hotel, at which point most of use shopped or shot our way to the edge of the souk and grabbed a cab. We’re planning a run back there tonight for dinner… for a whole different experience I’m sure. But first, a little nap to recharge the overheated bones…


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