Tic-Toc Maroc: Chewed Up, Spit Out

Erfoud to Boumalne Dades | October 23 | 172 Miles |

Bruised and back on the bike, today was one of the more relaxing days on tour…well, sort of… With only a “few” miles to ride, a scenic side trip, enjoyable (hilarious!) shopping experiences and a “helpful” bike swap… although the collective pain was mounting.


Unlike any other day following a tour’s rest day, I was actually excited to get back on the bike, despite the condition of my stomach, and just ride. But that didn’t pan out as I would have hoped. And yes, something finally got to my stomach, but luckily my only time on the toilet so far was one middle of the night, highly reactive session. Lets keep it that way!

Morocco2k-1023-2248But with the swollen face from bee sting, a tumultuous stomach, bumpy roads, made worse by the helping suggestion of the tour guide to swap my Heritage for his Sportster in order to maybe relive the pain in my shoulder after the crash with a shorter reach to the handlebars… he just wanted to ride the more comfortable bike but I don’t blame him.

Despite all that pain, I sucked it up, and took it up the gorge (Todra) after lunch – a looping side trip to show us a popular vacationing and locals swimming hole – and then all the way to the hotel that night. He deserved the rest in my opinion, the Sportster is NO bike for Morocco! But he tricked me good… no longer could I feel the pain my shoulder by the rend of the ride from the amount of pain I was feeling in my lower back and tail end… I was done. Caput… so much so, after checking into the hotel last night, hauling my ass to the room and taking a few pictures of the incredible view from the balcony, I lied down for a nap before dinner. Two hour should do me I thought…


Waking just before midnight, I leapt from bed thinking they left without me (thinking it was 11:30 AM)…. I missed dinner completely, but I so desperately needed the rest. So it was back to sleep until 5am when I got up with the calls to prayer and tried to rally my body, some camera batteries and a few notes before tackling the next day’s ride. I need yet another rest day please!

"I'm Berber, you have gift for me? Two? Give me more."
“I’m Berber, you have gift for me? Two?”

That canyon was nice though, tight walls at the entry point cast heavy, cool shadows in the otherwise hot desert landscape. Rock climbers, trinket vendors and tour buses collect heavily in this area, to the point of stop and go traffic on the weekends I’m told. We of course, went far beyond the gap and into the canyon only to find more busted pavement, disappearing bridges, begging Berbers and a familiar American Southwest landscape, tan and rough… never a place I’d want to crash a motorcycle!


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